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The right to lease agricultural land in Uzbekistan is allowed to be transferred to other persons

Uzbekistan, Tashkent - Gazeta.uz
Tenants of agricultural land in Uzbekistan will be able to transfer rights and obligations (release) on leased plots without changing the purpose of using the plot.

Tenants of agricultural land plots in Uzbekistan from March 1 will be able to transfer their rights and obligations (release) on leased land plots to another person without changing the purpose of using the land plot.

This is provided for by the decree of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev dated January 18. Earlier, Gazeta.uz wrote that starting from March, agricultural land plots will be provided for rent through electronic online auctions (since 2021, this has been done through an open electronic competition).

In accordance with the decree, the transfer of lease rights is allowed if the tenant himself has used the land for at least three years.

Transfer (lease) to another person of land plots provided directly to legal entities for lease by decision of state bodies without holding electronic online auctions, open electronic tenders or competitions is permitted after five years from the date of state registration of the lease right.

The lessor is obliged to make one-time additional payments, which are proportionally distributed in accordance with the lease term based on the results of an open electronic competition, or payments that are intended to be paid in installments based on the results of electronic online auctions.

By decree, the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan, khokims of regions and the city of Tashkent were instructed to take measures by the end of the year for state registration of the right to lease land or return land to reserve for all agricultural land plots on their territories for which state registration of the right to land has not been made, but which are actually used.

Compensation payments for compensation for losses of agricultural and forestry production for irrigated agricultural lands in all cases are collected in full from all persons, with the exception of cases of seizure of land plots for public needs.

In case of failure to fulfill the obligation of the mortgagor, secured by a pledge of rights to a land plot, without changing the purpose of using the land plot, it is allowed to exercise the lease right for the remaining term of the land plot lease agreement through electronic online auctions.

In this case, no approval (obtaining an opinion) with the authorized bodies is required for the listing of the right to lease a land plot for online electronic auctions.

Funds proceeds from the sale of rental rights at an online auction in accordance with the legislation on the execution of judicial acts and acts of other bodies are distributed in the manner established by law.